Asana Mandalas

Asana Mandalas are an intrinsic part of Om Stop Yoga classes.  This innovative style of practicing was developed by Steve Harrison, Yoga Master at The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton.

The Mandalas are an inspirational tool to explore your body in movement.  They emerged out of Steve’s devotion to the flow, and provide students with a framework within which to discover Free Flow Asana.  The Mandalas continually open up new possibilities for self exploration and expression.

Each Mandala can be distinguished from the next by a few key physical alignments.  Classical Asanas particular to those alignments are included in the Mandala, as well as the full spectrum of variations available.

You are encouraged to find somewhere within each Mandala that is comfortable, to relax and tune into the feeling of your body and breath.  From this space, you can explore your range of movement through feeling.  Gradually, you will soften and expand your boundaries, opening yourself up to a greater flow of energy.  The earlier Mandalas are gateways to those that follow.

Once familiarised individually, the Mandalas can be woven together in a devotional flow of breath, movement and feeling, where the names of the postures, and even the Mandalas themselves, become obsolete.